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At Dixon Pool & Construction, our designers, installers, and builders are dedicated to making your property stand out. We work from thee design phase to installation and completion of the project, constantly with you to ensure you're completely satisfied.

We take your vision and turn them into reality. Our artistic flair and team of designers work diligently to get your ideas an create an entirely original design for you. We'll tackle any project you need to sustain luxurious living outside.


Why wait to enjoy the pool of your dreams? We are ready to build a beautiful pool in your backyard today!

Pool Supply Store

Dixon Pool is located in down town Bessemer City. We offer our customers the best in chemicals and customer service. We provide free water testing to help ensure you have the best swilling season.


Want the best residential swimming pool builder working on your property? Dixon Pool is here to take care of any construction, remodeling or maintenance you need. We are your number one choice for residential pool service!


When you enlist our maintenance service, we can make sure to check and rebalance  your pool chemicals and clean the filter, if necessary. We will also clean the tile line, vacuum the pool floor, brush the interior, and net the entire pool surface.


The inspections we perform is a visual and operational inspection of the pool and equipment. After our inspection is completed, we provide a detailed report with repair recommendations. We also include a free quote for any repairs that may need to be taken care.


The simplest way to determine the need for a drain and acid wash is to decide if your pool is not the same color it was when you had it built. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your pool finish or your water has become murky, a drain and acid wash may be just what your pool needs.


Your pool water is constantly changing, year round. Everything from weather to oils, dirt, and cosmetics affect your pool water balance - in short, anything that comes in contact with your pool water. Our certified team can help get your water balanced and keep it looking great all summer long!


This is a few of the services we offer. Dixon Pool & Construction will say yes to the jobs other companies say can not be done. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable to answer all of the questions you may have. Let us make your back yard into the oasis you deserve!


We can perform all swimming pool repairs you need in little to no time! We can replace any broken pool pumps, take care of any leaks and repair broken lights. No problem is too small for us to handle.


Ready to upgrade your swimming pool? We are here to add any upgrades or changes you may want for your existing pool. Whether it is adding a sun-ledge, or converting your concrete pool to vinyl liner pool, we have you covered!


Not a glamorous part of the pool business, but if your pool is leaking water you need an expert to fine out why. In most cases a liner can be repaired without being replaced. We have state of the art equipment to locate leaks as small as pin holes in a line. We can however, replace your liner if needed.


Acid wash is a pool service that involves washing the inside of a pool with acid solution, which will remove scale build-up and stains. You will need this pool service if you notice that your pool water clarity is poor and there are visible stains and scales that have build-up along the pool walls and tiles.


The equipment of any pool needs regular maintenance to ensure longer life of the main components. Unfortunately no matter how well we take care of it, equipment often fails. Our certified techs can get your pool equipment back up to working in no time.

Salt Water or Chlorine

Our stall is knowledgeable in salt water systems as well as chlorine. We can discuss your needs and advise which system is best for you and your family. We will also be able to provided and install the best system on the market.


As a pool owner you know very well that the work does not end up with the pool opening. To ensure pleasant and healthy experience you need to take continuous care of the pool. The chemical balance must always be within healthy means and all equipment must work properly to have as safe and gorgeous looking pool. Our Certified Pool Operators will take care of everything!


We know that most pool owners would prefer to sit back, relax and put your pool on cruise control. With an automated control system, scheduling and operating you filtration cycles, heating, pool and landscape lighting, sanitization, water features and more all become blissfully automatic.


When it's time to buy or sell a home, it is always important to schedule a swimming pool inspection. We can perform comprehensive swimming pool inspection today, alerting you of any possible repairs that may need to be taken care of.


Get your swimming season off to a great start with our pool service. We will make you summer pool opening hassle free!


Let our experienced team of swimming pool professionals take the worry out of pool care with our pool cleaning and equipment maintenance solutions.


Light up the night with swimming pool lighting. Find the perfect colorful LED pool lights for your pool. Hayward Colorlogic, Pentair Intellibrite and Ameribrite light the way for inground LED pool lights.


Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Weekly Service


Per Week

Plus Chemicals

1 visit per week
Balance Chemicals

Check Equipment


Bi-Weekly Service


Per Week

Plus Chemicals

1 visit every other week

Balance Chemicals

Check Equipment


Commercial Service


Per Week

Plus Chemicals

7 visits per week

Balance Chemicals

Check Chemicals


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